Solution-focussed leadership

The smarter and better ideas are invented at the work floor.

Nothing is more energy consuming than problem-based working. Problems are being analyzed and worked-through, information structures are tough, people end up trapped in heavy discussions or good intentions. Innovative leadership and the delegation of responsibilities is missing. Teams are lacking the ability of self-direction and carrying responsibility, and it’s members are lacking motivation and creativity. The organization  is being congested, a grumbling culture emerges and quality is decreasing.

What will work?

Solution-focused leadership is about placing your team members in their own power and creativity, in order to create a team with clear goals and frameworks. Asking solution focused questions makes the team focus on its goals and discover the means to realize them. In this teamwork approach we assume that each individual is competent, and is able to point out which solution is going to work for this particular individual and will increase doing what is already successful. Depending on their educational level they will be able to learn to operate as part of an independent team.

The focus is:

  • On solution instead of analyzing problems

  • Forward-looking instead of everything that has happened in the past

  • Aimed at what is successful and developing this further.

Solution focused leadership helps with clearly setting out directions and translating organizational interest into individual interest and team behavior. This makes team members purposefully work on improvement. Solution focused leadership is based on the teams’ strengths and skills and enforces these. This activates and enthuses. Team members feel appreciated and invited to find workable solutions and to improve their teams’ performances.

Solution focused leadership works because of its practical approach. You strengthen the self organizing capacity of your teams and challenge them to find solutions which fit themselves and the situation they face. You involve teams in issues that arise in your organization, and you will know how to convert resistance into cooperation and create sustainable improvement . 

Teams will be involved in finding solutions to be able to realize results, efficient working, team cohesion and innovation.


  • when to coach and when to direct

  • dealing with resistance and stagnation

  • management based on mission and vision

  • leading from behind

  • focusing on small steps

  • managing in difficult discussions

Coaching of promising leaders who are prepared to face the challenge to perform differently, also towards the higher echelon.

Coaching themes

  • Longitudinal coaching, long term career goals

  • To break out of old leadership strongholds

  • Solution focussed leadership

  • To exert influence based on authenticity and decisiveness

  • Unique leadership qualities

  • Developing strategic skills

  • To create backing in solitude situations; networking

  • Perseverance based on trust and integrity