Result responsible teams

“Didn’t we try to work with results-responsible teams in the non-profit sector already 10 years ago ?” Is that so? It is easy to confuse using the term self-determination? Is “result-responsibility” different? Yes, it is! But it is important that this change takes place organically.

What was the situation 10 years ago? Self-determination was meant to erase the management level. But reality proved to be deep-rooted. Performance targets and appreciative performance systems were lacking or facilitated insecurity. The orientation on the market was insignificant. Self-determinaton almost completely disappeared.

Results-responsible teams are responsible for their own performance targets. These targets are determined together with a remote manager. Result-responsible teams give space to the autonomy and professionalism of their team members. Increasing achievements will go hand in hand with an increasing work satisfaction.

A result responsible team is the smallest working unit within an organization or company. A team with clear and challenging targets. Besides carrying out its tasks, the team takes full responsibility for their final result, their cooperation and the required innovation to reach this.

Courses “Results-responsible teams”

  • With managers and team members

  • Inspiring team goals for the benefit of satisfied customers

  • Quality and core values

  • Frameworks and working agreements

  • Autonomous working attitude

  • Solution focussed interviewing

  • To be proud of what you do

  • An appreciative performance system

  • Working with enjoyment